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What is Unveil?

Unveil is an innovative digital platform dedicated to curating and showcasing art photography, connecting artists with market opportunities allowing collectors to uncover and purchase genuine works. Unveil will launch in June 2023.

Are you selling NFTs or printed works?

The choice varies; some artists exclusively launch digital pieces, while others offer NFTs backed by physical prints. In the latter case, you'll purchase the NFT and decide when to convert it to a print, providing full transparency and benefiting you as a collector.

Do I need a wallet to shop on Unveil?

Yes, you need a wallet to purchase artworks from our photographers.

I don't have a wallet, is that a problem?

Not at all! You're not alone. Through our partner Magic Link, you can easily create a wallet using your preferred social login, such as Google or Twitter. It's secure, safe, and fast.