Expanding opportunities in the photographic medium

What attracted me to photography in the first place was it’s versatile and purpose driven nature, with very little interest in the question of wether it was art, or not. Some images hold such beauty or transcending power that they elevate them-self above

Unlock Insider Access to the World of Photography

Firstly, because it will allow us to unlock talent on a worldwide scale. There is a huge global pool of exceptional talent, that is having difficulty reaching the market, due to some physical barriers. For photography, the existing structure of physical galleries in the physical world, means that as an artist you need representation by a gallery. Once you are represented, the gallery only has so much time and space available within their gallery program, and even less space for proper visibility at art fairs. This is already a challenge for artists in metropolitan areas with a vibrant gallery ecosystem geared towards photography, but next to impossible for talent faced with geographical challenges and circumstances. There is so much exceptional talent out there in those parts of the world, that deserves access to market and a voice in the direction of the medium, and Unveil can offer that.

Unveil doesn’t bypass the existing ecosystem necessarily, but rather expands the possibilities radically. And this expansion of possibilities is not only apparent in the geographical benefits, but also in the artistic sense. Unveil is not only about creating opportunity for global talent, but also about creating new commercial opportunity for new horizons of the artistic practice of established photographic artists. Ventures into digital, video or other dynamic formats were notoriously difficult to properly validate, but with the new NFT technology, this gateway is opened. Something that expands the opportunities for artists both economically and artistically, which in turn truly helps to break through the current boundaries of the photographic medium.

Great power, comes with great responsibility. This is why solid artistic direction, curation and partnerships with leading voices within the world of photography are at the heart of the Unveil project. Unveil already partners with some of the most important museums, festivals, fairs and magazines within contemporary photography in order to ensure that the unveiling of this bright, new future of photography is done the right way, and can serve as strong foundation for the exceptional possibilities it creates.

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