Futures partners with Unveil

FUTURES, the leading European Photography Platform, is pleased to announce its two-year collaboration with Unveil, a curated platform for photography NFTs.

The main goal of this partnership is to develop an educational program that will introduce artists

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FUTURES is the European Photography Platform that brings together the global photography community to support and nurture the professional development of emerging artists across the world. Since 2017, the platform has aimed to add long-term value by empowering early and mid-career photographers, launching initiatives to promote their work, and granting them access to an unprecedented network of professionals, markets, and audiences. FUTURES seeks to encourage new and adventurous ways of enhancing the vital relationship between artists and the industry by creating an ecosystem that allows and stimulates cross-pollination. It simultaneously aims to become the go-to source for emerging photography worldwide. FUTURES works as a growing international network of influential organizations operating in the field of photography, bringing together a wealth of resources, expertise, and talent programs to pool from. Each year, they nominate a group of rising photography talents to join the platform and co-host a series of events to increase their capacity, mobility, and visibility. Synchronously, the platform aims to reveal new and exciting photographic approaches by celebrating a diversity of stories, encouraging upcoming artists to present their most challenging work, and providing insights into their world and most recent projects.

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Futures partners with Unveil

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