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In partnership with Futures, Unveil is proud to present its inaugural drop ‘Structures’: A visual and philosophical exploration into the notion of Structures.

What are the structures of nature, and the complex spectrum of structures that mankind creates within and around itself? How do these structures define us and the world around us and what is the eternal pendulum between construction and destruction within this context? A study into structures in ecology, the urban environment, identity, cultural representation and reality itself, but also the structures of the photographic image.

‘Structures’ is exemplary of what to expect from Unveil: a highly curated perspective, in partnership with a leading international voice in photography, and in support of global talent.

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FUTURES is a Europe-based photography platform bringing together the European photography community to support and nurture the professional development of emerging artists across the world. Since 2017, it aims to add long term value in empowering early and mid-career photographers. It’s member organizations include museums, photography festivals and institutions, magazines and other thought leaders from the European field of photography. Unveil and Futures have set up an educational program for the international Futures talents, in order to support them in surveying the NFT landscape and harnessing the power of blockchain to their benefit. Structures will include the work of Alice Pallot, Ana Nunez Rodriguez, Andrea Camiolo, Barbel Reinhard, Elena Aya Bundarakis, Fred Mungo, Karolina Wojtas, Ligia Poplawska, Lucas Leffler, Reinis Hofmanis and Yana Kononova, and will drop 28 th June at 16:00 CET



🇵🇹 Carlos trancoso - exhibited at festivals such as Photoalicante in Spain, Backlight in Finland and Bienal da Maia in Portugal.

🇻🇳 Hien Hoang - has been nominated for several prestigious awards, including the Louis Roederer Discovery Award

🇫🇷 Alice Pallot - Won the Roger de Conynck prize for her series L’Ile Himero, also exhibited at The Voies Off Festival in the context of Les Rencontres de la photographie d’Arles.

🇪🇸 Ana Nunez Rodriguez - holds a Master degree in Photography and Society from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts (KABK) in The Hague. She was part of Lighthouse 2020-21, a program for upcoming talents at Fotodok, Utrecht

🇮🇹 Andrea Camiolo - Camiolo’s work has been recognised by a series of international prizes and showcases, including the Comisso Award, Paris Photo Carte Blanche, Giovane Fotografia Italiana #10, and the Best Portfolio Award at Ragusa Photo Festival.

🇩🇪 Barbel Reinhard - she followed a three-year photography programme at Florence’s Fondazione Studio Marangoni. Her images have been published by the likes of Liberation, La Republica and Phroom

🇬🇷🇯🇵 Elena Yana Bundurakis - Bundurakis has been nominated for several prestigious photography awards, and was selected for Futures by (@) FOMU photography museum in 2019

🇮🇹 Fred Mungo - Mungo holds a BA in Fashion Photography from London College of Fashion (University of the Arts of London), and an MA in Photography and Urban Cultures from Goldsmiths University.

🇵🇱 Karolina Kawojtas - She studies at the Film School Lodź and the Institute of Creative Photography in the Czech Republic. Wojtas was selected for Futures by Fotofestiwal Lodz in 2019

🇵🇱 Ligia Poplawska - Her project ‘Fading Senses’ won Decade of Change Series Award (2022) by the British Journal of Photography, as well as a solo exhibition at PhMuseum Days International Photography Festival in Bologna, Italy (2021) and Photography Prize funded by the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp (2020). Ligia Popławska is a laureate of .tiff 2022 (FOMU Antwerp)

🇧🇪 Lucas Leffler - Lucas Leffler (b. 1993) was educated at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Gent. Leffler was selected for Futures by @ FOMU in 2021

🇱🇻 Reinis Hofmanis - His works have been featured in publications such as The New York Times, Financial Times, Der Spiegel, Esquire, Bloomberg, Le Monde, The Globe and Mail, and The British Journal of Photography.

🇦🇿 Yana Kononova - In 2019, Kononova won the Bird in Flight Prize in emerging Photography, and in 2022 was the recipient of the Hariban Award, presented by (a) Benrido.

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